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Sonic and EG 4 Extended by Enderboy1908 Sonic and EG 4 Extended :iconenderboy1908:Enderboy1908 5 13
Sonic Historical Part 22
Part 22: Firedragon
-Knuckles and Tails are at their dungeon cells-
Knuckles: Bad idea to lock us in here.
-Knuckles punches the cell and breaks it open-
Tails: I knew I could count on you,
-Knuckles pulls Tails' cell door and breaks it open-
Tails: Thanks. Let's get your arm and my jetpack back.
Stephen Cinch: No need to. I already have it.
Tails: Thanks, Sonic.
-Knuckles and Tails grabs their equipment and puts them on-
Stephen Cinch: Let's get going.
-the trio leaves the dungeon and goes to the castle armory-
Knuckles: Yo, dude! Look at all these weapons! We should keep them! This worth a fortune!
Stephen Cinch: We have our own weapons, Knux. Don't let greed overtake you.
Tails: He's right, Knuckles.
Knuckles: You got a point there.
-the trio went to the castle hallways-
King Ymir: Guards, seize them! Don't let them reach Master Jet!
Stephen Cinch: Damn this old man!
-a flame appeared in front of the trio revealing Blaze-
-Blaze dispels the flames-
King Ymir: You....
Stephen Cinch:
:iconenderboy1908:Enderboy1908 1 0
Sonic and Equestria Girls IV Stage Select + DLC by Enderboy1908 Sonic and Equestria Girls IV Stage Select + DLC :iconenderboy1908:Enderboy1908 2 1 Aulura the Alarune by Enderboy1908 Aulura the Alarune :iconenderboy1908:Enderboy1908 3 0
Sonic Historical Part 21
Part 21: Light Judges
-Jet enters the center of the castle-
Jet: You two. Lock the door. So that we make that they won't follow us.
Wave: Yes, boss.
Storm: I was hoping for a fight.
-Wave and Storm closes the door shut-
-meanwhile, outside the castle-
Stephen Cinch: Keep your guards up, guys. Who knows what lives in this place after these years.
-Stephen, Tails, and Knuckles looks around the castle gardens-
-Knuckles picks up a sapphire-
Knuckles: Hmm... Weird.
Stephen Cinch: Don't touch that, Knux. It could be dangerous.
-Knuckles drops the sapphire and keeps looking around-
Tails: Guys. I see a light beam on that tower.
-a white beam was seen at the castle tower-
Stephen Cinch: That's them. To the front door.
-Stephen, Tails, and Knuckles rushes to the door-
-Stephen kicks it open-
-a court of guards was seen in front of them-
Stephen Cinch: Shit.
???: Who dares enter Babylon Castle?!
-the king walks in front of them-
Stephen Cinch: We're very sorry, your highness. WE didn't know you
:iconenderboy1908:Enderboy1908 1 10
Sonic Historical Part 20
Part 20: Babylon
-Sonic finally returned to the present-
Tails: Sonic. You made it back.
Modern Sonic: Yeah. And I brought a souvenir.
-Sonic pulls out Chip's gem from his pocket-
Tails: Oh well, it's okay to bring treasures with you.
Modern Sonic: Would you mind holding this for me?
Tails: Sure. I'm holding this for your next jump. You can count on me.
-Sonic hands the gem to Tails-
Tails: Hehe. I didn't know this is sacred.
-the gem disappears from Tails' hand-
Tails: What the....
Modern Sonic: Where did it go?
-they heard a laughter outside of the chamber-
-they went out to check it out-
Jet: Boy, this gem is worth selling. We'll take it.
Stephen Cinch: It's the Babylon Rogues. I thought you're disbanded.
Wave: The rumors are lies. We're still hanging out.
Espio: How could you, Jet?
Jet: Oh, hello.... Boss.
Espio: Jet, give the gem back to us! I'm still your boss!
Jet: I don't take orders from you! I serve my own now!
Espio: Traitor! 
Jet: Now, if you excuse us. We've got a big
:iconenderboy1908:Enderboy1908 1 9
Sonic Historical Part 19
Part 19: Dark Gaia vs. Light Gaia
-Sonic and Chip reappeared in the Earth's core-
Modern Sonic: I know this place. The center of Earth.
Chip: Wow. It's unlike anything I've seen before.
-Suddenly, Dark Gaia came out from the lava-
Modern Sonic: Oh boy.
Chip: Sonic! Get behind me!-
-Chip starts to cast and enchantment-
Chip: All temples in the world, come forth! Heed my call! Let us destroy Dark Gaia once and for all!
-Outside the Earth's core, temples from around the world floats up and teleports to the core-
-all the temples made it to the Earth's core and starts forming a shape-
-the temples turned into a titan-
-Chip went to the titan's chest to control it-
Chip: Sonic! Get ready! This battle is about to get hot!
Modern Sonic: Alright! Let's do this!
-the Chaos Emeralds suddenly came out from the temples and starts circling Sonic-
-Sonic's hair and clothes turned to gold and starts to glow on golden aura-
Modern Sonic: I'm not gonna hold anything back, Chip! Let's give him everythin
:iconenderboy1908:Enderboy1908 1 6
Sonic Historical Part 18
Part 18: Wolves
-Year: 2008-
-Sonic reappears in his Werehog form-
Modern Sonic: Great. I remember this one.
-purple ghosts appeared-
Modern Sonic: Okay. Come at me!
-ghosts charges to Sonic-
-he punches the ghosts back-
Modern Sonic: Don't get exhausted. They're could be more.
-Sonic stretches his arm and grabs the building-
-he swings to the rooftops-
-Sonic lands on the rooftop-
Modern Sonic: Hmm....
-Chip floats down-
Chip: Hey Sonic.
Modern Sonic: Oh, it's you. What is it?
Chip: Ghosts are invading the clock tower-
-Sonic stretches his arm to grab the building and swings forward-
-Sonic grabs the chimney and stops to see the ghosts on the clock tower-
Modern Sonic: Things should get worse after this.
-Sonic stretches his arm to grab the clock tower and swings forward-
-Sonic lands on the wall and on his feet and sprints up-
-Sonic grabs the nearby ledges and pulls himself up to the top-
Modern Sonic: Okay, let's do this!
-he knocked out every ghosts he see-
Modern Sonic: Piece of
:iconenderboy1908:Enderboy1908 1 3
Sonic and EG Special 3
Who's Dating Blaze?
-Silver was floating at the sky while talking to someone on his phone-
Silver: Hey, Sonic. Have you seen Blaze? She's been gone for two days.
Stephen Cinch (on the phone): Sorry, man. No clue where she is now.
Silver: Can't you use your Sharingan to find her?
Stephen Cinch (on the phone): I don't use my Sharingan on just anything. But, I last saw her at the cafe.
Silver: What was she doing there?
Stephen Cinch (on the phone): She's was clearly with someone else.
Silver: Wait, what?!
-Silver flies down to the cafe-
Silver: Sonic, where is she?
Stephen Cinch: In the cafe.
-Silver peeks at the window-
-he sees Blaze talking to another man-
Silver: Who the hell is that guy?
Stephen Cinch: Don't know. I haven't seen him before.
-Blaze and the man leaves the cafe-
Silver: Hide!
-Silver and Stephen hide at the alley-
Silver: We have to follow them.
Stephen Cinch: Good thinking.
-Blaze and the man went to the park-
-Silver and Stephen hides at the bushes-
Silver: I'
:iconenderboy1908:Enderboy1908 1 0
Sonic Historical Part 17
Part 17: Striker
-Luigi fires a green fireball at Wario-
-Wario got hit by the fireball-
Luigi: You best better go, Sonic. We'll take it from here.
Modern Sonic: Right. Say "hi" to Mario for me.
Luigi: Will do.
-Sonic goes up the stairs-
-he reaches the end of the stairs-
Modern Sonic: Okay, Tabuu. I'm here. Make your move!
-Sonic uses his homing attack on Tabuu-
-Tabuu blocked the attack and repels Sonic back-
Tabuu: Your life is worthless. I shall remove both you and your history.
-Sonic dashes to the right-
-Sonic uses his homing attack on Tabuu from behind-
-a direct hit-
-Tabuu grunts-
Modern Sonic: What's the matter, big blue? Can't keep up?
Tabuu: Insolent rat!
-Tabuu summons blue spheres and fires them to Sonic-
-Sonic dodges all the spheres-
-Sonic kicks the last sphere and sends it to Tabuu-
-Tabuu got hit directly-
Tabuu: I cannot allow you to proceed.
Modern Sonic: Say that to my ass!
-Sonic starts circling Tabuu-
-Tabuu forms a wall made of energy to block Sonic's running-
:iconenderboy1908:Enderboy1908 1 6
Sonic Historical Part 16
Part 16: Subspace
-Espio and Mighty starts to defrost-
Espio: Where are we?
Mighty: Ugggghhh... My head...
Knuckles: You two okay?
Mighty: Dan Green! It's you!
Knuckles: Hey, it's my fan and the mercenary.
Stephen Cinch: Espio, what happened to the other mercenaries?
Espio: I apologize. But, after that vortex sucked me, my friends and the tavern, I do not know where they are.
Stephen Cinch: We'll find the other mercenaries.
Modern Sonic: I guess Espio is a mercenary in his world. But, I haven't seen Mighty ever since.
-Year: 2008-
-Sonic reappeared in a black orbital-
Modern Sonic: I remember this. This is where I fought that subspace creature, Tabuu.
???: Indeed, blue hedgehog.
Modern Sonic: I know that was you, Tabuu.
-Tabuu was seen at the center of the orb-
Modern Sonic: You will return the worlds to consumed.
Tabuu: I'm afraid that is not going to happen.
Modern Sonic: You're going down.
-Sonic was about to run the stairs to Tabuu, but Wario stopped-
Modern Sonic: You!
Wario: Sorr
:iconenderboy1908:Enderboy1908 1 2
Sonic and EG Special 2
It's Not Easy Having One Arm
-it was a great afternoon-
-Knuckles steps out in his house with his metal arm on-
Applejack: Hey, sugarcube. 
Apple Bloom: Granny Smith told you that you should deliver these apple pies.
Knuckles: Just give me the list and I'll finish this.
-Apple Bloom gives the list to Knuckles-
Applejack: The box of pies is right there.
-five boxes filled with apple pies are seen beside Knuckles' truck-
-Knuckles tries to lift one and puts it on his truck-
-when he gets to last one, his metal arm suddenly broke-
Knuckles: Oh, come on. I just had this fixed.
Applejack: Give me your arm. I'll bring it to Tails.
-Knuckles takes off his metal arm and gives it to Applejack-
-Knuckles gets inside his truck and drives off carefully with the boxes-
Knuckles: Just drive slowly. I don't wanna mess up these pies.
-he finally arrives to the first house-
-Knuckles gets out of his truck and heads to the back-
Knuckles: Now, how the hell am I suppose to carry these things?
-the h
:iconenderboy1908:Enderboy1908 1 0
Sonic Historical Part 15
Part 15: Aeon
-Cosmo starts to defrost-
Tails: Cosmo Gardenflash?
Cosmo: Where am I? And how do you know my name?
Shadow: Gloriosa told us about you. You're the dryad who protects the Everfree Gardens, right?
Cosmo: Yes. I do remember Miss Gloriosa. She was my successor. And I can't leave the gardens.
Stephen Cinch: Well, you left it now.
Cosmo: What? I must go back!
Tails: Cosmo, wait! The land hasn't restored yet!
-Cosmo opened the door and sees just the blue sky-
Cosmo: What's going on?
Tails: I told you, Cosmo. Everything hasn't restores yet. To restore both your garden and the world, we have to travel back in time and save history.
Cosmo: What does history have to do with this?
Stephen Cinch: Dr. Eggman and Gaia Everfree are alternating history. That's why the world right now is blank.
Cosmo: I see. Gaia Everfree's back.
Modern Sonic: So, where's my next jump?
Tails: Right here.
-Tails throws the scroll to Sonic-
-Year: 2008-
-Sonic reappeared beside Jet the Hawk-
Jet: So, are you
:iconenderboy1908:Enderboy1908 1 13
Sonic and EG Special
Sonic's First Late Attendance
-it was a bright morning in Stephen's home-
-his alarm clock starts ringing-
Stephen Cinch: Mmm...
-he turns the alarm off and gets up-
Stephen Cinch: *yawns* What a night.
-he went to his kitchen and starts making his coffee-
-Stephen opens his blinds in his room-
Stephen Cinch: AAAAAAHHHH!!!!
-he fell down from the bright light of the sun-
Stephen Cinch: What great freaking way to start my day.
-he stands up-
-he now goes to get a mug, pours coffee in it, and takes a seat on his couch-
-his phone starts ringing-
Stephen Cinch: Hello?
Twilight Sparkle (in the phone): Sonic, where are you? You're late for class.
Stephen Cinch: Why? What time is it?
Twilight Sparkle (in the phone): It's 9:13 in the morning.
-Stephen spits-
Stephen Cinch: Wait, seriously?!
Twilight Sparkle (in the phone): Hurry! There's not much time!
-Twilight hangs up-
-Stephen hurries to his closet and puts on his clothes-
-he now grabs his two swords and sprints his way to school-
:iconenderboy1908:Enderboy1908 1 13
Sonic Historical Part 14
Part 14: Stories
-Year: 2007-
-Modern Sonic reappeared in front of Erazor Djinn-
Modern Sonic: Hey, wannabe genie. You're still up for destroying this story?
Erazor Djinn: Irritating rat.
Modern Sonic: "I remembered. He already have the World Rings. I have to be careful."
-three rings went inside Sonic-
Modern Sonic: GAAAAAAAAHHH!!!!!
-Sonic's quills starts to turn purple-
Darkspine Sonic: DJIIIIIIIIN!!!!
-Darkspine Sonic flies up and chases Erazor Djinn-
Erazor Djinn: You will not prevail this day, rat.
Darkspine Sonic: Neither do you, Djinn.
-Darkspine Sonic punches Djinn and sends him flying-
Darkspine Sonic: Come back here!
-Darkspine Sonic goes after him-
Erazor Djinn: RAAAGGGHHHH!!!!
-Erazor Djinn fires a powerful beam at Sonic-
-he dodges-
Darkspine Sonic: I'll be rid of you!
Erazor Djinn: Do not be so sure.
-Darkspine Sonic fires a barrage of black fireballs-
-a direct hit on Djinn-
Erazor Djinn: GAAAAAAHHH!!!!
Darkspine Sonic: And now. For the finale.
-Darkspine starts spindas
:iconenderboy1908:Enderboy1908 2 0
Sonic Historical Part 13
Part 13: Judgement
-Metal Sonic fires homing missiles at Sonic and Shadow-
-they dodged and destroys the missiles-
Modern Sonic: Come on, Metal. I've seen those missiles for quite a long time.
Shadow: Keep trying, Metal Sonic.
-Metal Sonic charges to them-
-Modern Sonic kicks him away-
Modern Sonic: You still don't have what it takes.
Shadow: Sonic, look.
-Shadow points at the frozen Silver-
-Metal Sonic sees it and flies towards-
Modern Sonic: Stop him!
-Sonic and Shadow chases Metal Sonic-
-Metal Sonic is about to fire an energy beam at the frozen Silver-
-Shadow slowed down time and kicks Metal Sonic away from Silver-
Modern Sonic: Quick! Grab Silver 'cause we're going back!
-Shadow grabs Silver and heads back to the present-
-Metal Sonic heads back as well but to Dr. Eggman-
Tails: Sonic, Shadow.
Modern Sonic: That was close.
Shadow: Yeah. Metal Sonic almost killed Silver. But we managed to save him.
-Silver starts to defrost-
Silver: Ow, my head.
Blaze: Silv
:iconenderboy1908:Enderboy1908 1 5


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Sonic and EG4 Extended Characters
This is the full roster of Sonic and Equestria Girls 4 with DLC characters

Sonic Characters:
-Stephen "Sonic" Cinch
-Miles "Tails" Prower
-Dan "Knuckles" Green
-Amy Rose
-Cream Sanchez
-Rouge Heartwarmer
-Francis "Shadow" Blademaster
-Peter "Silver" Hildegard
-Blaze Firedragon
-Sonic the Hedgehog

MLP Character:
-Twilight "Sci-Twi" Sparkle
-Rainbow Dash
-Pinkie Pie
-Sunset Shimmer
- "Princess" Twilight Sparkle

Guest Characters:
-Lena "Tracer" Oxton
-The Scout
-Monkey D. Luffy 
-Natsu Dragneel 
-Ruby Rose
-Yang Xiao Long 
-Portgas D. Ace

Extended Characters:
-Juniper Montage
-Sour Sweet
-Starlight Glimmer
-Izuku Midoriya
-Katsuki Bakugo

More DLC Characters coming. So, stay tuned....
Sonic and EG 4 Extended
They're back for more! Sonic & EG 4 are making an extended! This time, new challengers are making their debut! Now, the DLC Characters are now in the main story!

New Characters:

-Sour Sweet
-Juniper Montage
-Starlight Glimmer

Guest Characters:

-Izuku Midoriya (My Hero Academia)
-Katsuki Bakugou (My Hero Academia)
68 deviations
More Monsters are open for roleplays

-May the Mummy (Reserved)
-Lili the Demon (Open)
-Kolga the Foxgirl (Open)
-Sakura the Zombie (Open)
-Saki the Raccoon Girl (Open)
-Natsu the Ogre (Open)
-Kelly the Catwoman (Open)
-Makoto the Mermaid (Open)
-Jason the Jack Frost (Open)
-Izayoi the Banshee (Open)
-Weiss the Skunk Girl (Open)
-Blaire the Dragon (Open)
-Siyuri the Bladed Beast (Open)
-Chihei the Fire Spirit (Open)
-Mirako the Marian (Open)
-Terumi the Ghoul (Reserved)
-Mirana the Elf (Open)
-Isabelle the Spore (Open)
-Rachel the Siren (Open)
-R.I.N the Robot Girl (Open)
-Samson the Monkey Girl (Open)
-Kagura the Pixel Girl (Open)
-Yuko the Yeti (Open)
-Yang the Cockatrice (Open)
-Shirosaki the Empusa (Open)
-Sol the Centaur (Open)
-Railey the Snake Woman (Open)
-Charlie the Lizardman (Open)
-Murky the Murloc (Open)
-Basara the Serket (Open)
-Abby the Abomination (Open)
-Relius the Ghost (Open)
-Gabriel the Grim Reaper (Open)
-Margareth the Living Doll (Open)
-Willow the Mudgirl (Reserved)
-Jin the Manticore (Open)
-Nemes the Scylla (Open)
-Poela the Faceless Being (Open)
-Kazuya the Mimic (Open)
-Arachna the Arachnae (Open)
-Nadine the Slime Girl (Open)

More Monsters coming soon...


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